Skye Chirape

Photographer: Zanele Muholi

I arrived in London in 2001. Besides my sexuality, 'Queer', being illegal and unacceptable in Zimbabwe, I also wanted to experience the world and be independent from my sheltered childhood. Hence I moved as far away from home as possible and ended up in London.

I come from a place of space – loads of it – and suddenly I was living in tower blocks with no gardens and no outside space to climb trees or run around in the grass.

I am a Psychological Assistant and Offender Supervisor for women's prison. I am just about to finish an MSc in Forensic Psychology.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about London is exhausting my ability to draw people to me and therefore I have found myself conversing with many strangers on trains and on the tube!

During my spare time, I write and am published. I am also involved in a lot of art and human rights activism and consider myself a visual activist. I certainly love all the art that can be found within London. I call and perceive myself strongly as a Zimbabwean and African. However, I wouldn't locate anywhere else in Europe but in London.

by Skye Chirape

Zanele Muholi, photographer - www.zanelemuholi.com