Pablo Behrens

Photographer: Tara Darby

I accepted Tara Darby's request to sit for her for The World in London without any hesitation. I like her photography, and I also do some photography myself, so I was sure we were going to have a good time. The added bonus is that Tara is my niece and it was the first time we were going to work together.

We started the session in my back garden but then Tara asked me if there was any particular place that I felt I liked in Camberwell. So the shoot took place at Alfred, a hair stylist shop in Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell.

Tara fell in love with the place. I plan to shoot the scene of a movie there some day. I get my hair cut there once a month. The hair stylist is from Transylvania and the shop has remained unchanged since the seventies, bar a couple of posters of Penelope Cruz and Al Pacino. Maybe the actors visited the place in the past. I've never asked about this.

He's a real genius with the scissors and the way he works reminds me of Edward Scissorhands – although I forbid him to use his shaving blades on my hair. You know the story of Sweeney Todd?

by Pablo Behrens

Tara Darby, photographer - www.taradarby.com