Niso Davlatova

Photographer: Teresa Eng

When I was working for the UN I decided to travel abroad to further my career and to continue with my education. I wanted to come to London to see how people live in industrialised countries, and how people think and behave here.

Human rights in Europe are at a higher level than back home. Before I came, I'd read about London and seen some pictures but I'd never been abroad. It was the first time I had travelled, and my first flight.

There's completely different architecture, buildings, roads. Back home our streets are wider and we don't have too many high buildings. When I was working in Leicester Square I felt lonely, but I was impressed by the buildings and monuments. I visited the National Gallery a number of times. It's like another life and another world.

I'd recommend younger generations, from countries like mine, travel a lot and see the world, how people are thinking and what can be achieved. In my country you only see Tajik people or small ethnic groups but London is like so international. You can meet people from around the world.

by Niso Davlatova

Teresa Eng, photographer -