Ismail Gumbo

Photographer: Aimee Cowen

I've got lots of good memories of being in London – I remember attending the Commonwealth celebrations in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and other Commonwealth leaders in 1998 as a flagbearer for Tanzania.

I came to the UK to study in 1994 and ended up living here. I'm now a freelance accountant – after gaining my ACCA qualifications. I also work full time in a theatre. Theatre work has an amazing change of people every day.

As a Londoner, I wake up early morning with wet weather, everyone rushing to work, catching a bus, then train or tube. Or I come out and see sunshine, walk to work, go to the pub, meet different people, go out to a friend's birthday, run for a night bus, see people drunk and singing and dancing, go to the beautiful parks, play table tennis in Embankment Park, eat out in Soho, Chinatown, Brick Lane, Upton Park or High Street Kensington.

I am loving London very much and it has become a big part of my understanding and spiritual growth. I wanna thank this city, the people, the [Boris] bicycles, public sector and all Londoners who make the endless contributions to this wonderful city.

by Ismail Gumbo

Aimee Cowan, photographer