Lena Ohlsson

Photographer: Oliver Sieber

Moving to Brixton in 1994 was a big change from living in a small town in Sweden. With so many different cultures and life destinies, I found it both daunting and exciting. All the people everywhere, everyone on such a mission, the energy I was surrounded by was exhilarating, there was so much to do and so many opportunities.

My first job in London was as a fashion clerk in a department store, I then went on to do a degree at Central Saint Martins. After graduating I was hired as an Art Director at Saatch&Saatchi.  I'm currently caring for my little daughter fulltime.

I feel very at home in London but also like a fortunate visitor. I love to get on a bike, train, bus, tube, and go to a new place I haven't been to before. London is impossible to grasp, always new areas to explore, I enjoy that infinity of the city.

Oliver Sieber [the photographer] is incredibly experienced and pleasant to be with. I think in less than five shots he was done. He also brought the tastiest Turkish sausages I've ever eaten, we grilled them on a barbeque. It was a lovely memorable day.

by Lena Ohlsson

Oliver Sieber, photographer - tumblr.com/tagged/oliver-sieber