Igor Haefeli

Photographer: Muzi Quawson

Music brought me to London. I visited the city for the first time at the age of 14. I stayed in a boarding school near the London Bridge for a couple of weeks but it's only when I ventured outside the school grounds that I had a first true glimpse at the streets of London. The mixture of architectures, the vibrance and a feeling of endless possibilities really appealed to me at the time.

After I finished music school, I waited tables in Central London but I'm now lucky enough to be able to focus solely on music.

The picture was taken when I was studying songwriting in North London. Muzi [the photographer] asked me to play some of my own songs whilst we were visiting different places around the Barbican and Brick Lane. I enjoyed the fact that there was no set, it was just Muzi and her camera so it felt very simple and real.

My favourite thing in London is to look at the many people falling asleep in the Tube (when I'm not doing the same!). Because London is so overwhelmingly big and I have very little time to explore its many corners, I don't feel like I deserve the title of "Londoner" but it's also very enjoyable to still feel like a visitor, to be in a position of constant discovery. It's much more fun because you never know what will surprise you next.

by Igor Haefeli

Muzi Quawson, photographer -