Solomon Islands

Leon Honeysett

Photographer: Barry Lewis

I like walking my dog along Regent's Canal from my house in Old Street to Broadway Market and having a drink with her perched on my lap.

As a person of mixed heritage, and being originally from a place many people have never heard of, London was the first place I lived where I didn't stick out physically due to the colour of my skin or the way I look. In fact in Hackney I would I say I blend in as an average person.

I'm a social worker. Hackney presents me with very challenging situations – particularly working with disadvantaged young people, asylum seekers from war torn areas, victims of abuse and those who lack mental capacity.

The challenges we as Londoners face over the coming years are vast in respect to the cuts to public funding and support to vulnerable people.

Barry, my photographer, used to be a teacher in Hackney also instantly allowed me to build rapport with him. I hate standing still for long periods but he was a really nice guy and very interesting – I enjoyed hearing his stories of his travels around the world so that alone made it worthwhile.

by Leon Honeysett

Barry Lewis, photographer -