San Marino

Federico Podeschi

Photographer: Penelope Umbrico

A lot of my work utilises digital technologies and social media and so I liked the idea of addressing the collapsed distance – the closeness and also remoteness of a Skype interaction.

I suggested I make the portrait over Skype taking screen-grabs the way one would shoot pictures using a camera. I would ask Fredrico to move according to the picture I wanted, and in this way the process would be heavily collaborative.

I made decisive screen-grabs and later I processed those images in Photoshop. I applied an 'Instagram' filter to the final image look to reference the digital photo-sharing aspect of the entire process.

And I found I got to know something of substance about Federico. His work was really interesting and his relationship to London and to his home in San Marino was incredibly compelling.

by Penelope Umbrico, photographer -

Fredrico is the Chief Executive officer of one of the leading LGBT organisations in the UK. Federico always feels very at ease and safe walking around London, both as a foreigner and as a gay man, taking comfort in the multiculturalism and hectic lifestyle that most Londoners have. He has said, "through its individuality and vitality, London has inspired me to be myself and to always chase my dreams."