Marie-Reine & Storm Bouchereau

Photographer: Emma Crichton

I am currently a PE teacher in a diverse London school. My parents decided to come to England from the Seychelles to give their children a better opportunity at making a better life for themselves.

London was where the plane landed and we started our new life. London posed as a fast exciting city. My earliest memories were of a tall double decker red bus zooming down a very busy London road.

I love roller skating on the strip at Hyde Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon and then visiting Marine Ices in Camden for ice cream. I have lived here for most of my life and would be very proud to call myself a Londoner.

I met my partner in London and gave birth to our daughter in a London Hospital. My life started in another beautiful country but it continues in a beautiful city. I have not lost my identity and still carry my culture, however without living in London my life would have been very different and everything important to me is here; here in London.

by Marie-Reine Bouchereau

I wanted to take their picture around the area they lived in London. I wanted the location to be unidentifiable as I felt their presence within the space was more important.

by Emma Crichton, photographer -