Seilala Mapusua

Photographer: Victoria Birkinshaw

I moved to London on a professional rugby contract to play for London Irish Rugby Football club. My initial thought, getting off the plane, was that it was very grey!

I remember Heathrow being very busy even though it was 7 am. There were so many people about and then seeing the famous black cabs I knew I was definitely a long way from home. Driving to my new home, I was in awe of all the concrete and also the terrace housing that seemed to go on forever. I felt very small and very excited.

I now enjoy taking the family down to the Thames on a warm spring or summer's day and having a pub lunch. I also enjoy sitting in a big station like Waterloo and just watching the many different types of people go by and seeing the many different characters that live in London.

London has become a very big part of my family's life. We have met some amazing people and made lifelong friends and had many unforgettable experiences here. My son grew up here and most of his memories are of living in London so to him (and us) this is home.

by Seilala Mapusua

Victoria Birkinshaw, photographer -