Latifa Anbari Debar

Photographer: Jacqueline Hassink

My favourite things to do in London are to get lost, to walk along The Queen's Walk, dipping into the Tate and the National Gallery, and to savour authentic English teas. I came to London with my husband, in the 1980s as diplomats, with the intention of returning back to our country at the end of our mission but stayed ever since.

I now run my own translation company offering a wide range of linguistic services in Arabic, French and English. This is after a career in diplomacy and working for a major oil company for over ten years.

I have raised three daughters who are proud of their Moroccan identity and very much enjoy living in London. I have also made lifelong friends from different backgrounds with whom I share my hobbies and interests such as travelling, eating out and going to antique markets.

Although Moroccan by origin, I would definitely call myself a Londoner in my way of thinking and living. Londoners are so different in terms of appearance, background and culture, yet we are all joined by this city.

by Latifa Anbari Debar

Jacqueline Hassink, photographer -