Souksomchai Inthisane

Photographer: Andre Penteado

I met my husband when he came to Laos and I came to London to live with him. Laos is the most bombed country in the world, per capita. When I lived there, I worked as a technician repairing the Mindlab metal detectors that are used to find the UXO – unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War.

Now I work in a nail bar in Stevenage (heh, heh!) and before, when I lived in London, I worked in a fast food place (heh, heh!). I love the museums in London, and the big parks. It's a beautiful country – the people are polite and the climate is cold.

I've been back to Laos a few times and I can phone my family every day. I really enjoyed being photographed – the photographer (Andre Penteado) is amazing.

by Souksomchai Inthisane

NB. Souksomchai Inthisane was photographed for this project when living in London and subsequently moved to Stevenage in March 2012.

Andre Penteado, photographer -