Saudi Arabia

Mariam & Mohammed Awlia

Photographer: Kim Cunningham

I only came once to London in 1998 before coming to study Biochemistry at UCL. The memories are magical; my father making me my very first tuna sandwich, drinking the most delicious orange juice in the world, rolling down the biggest hill in Hyde Park with my cousins and even visiting Speakers' Corner.

My parents took my brother and I to the London Aquarium and there's a funny picture of us sitting frozen with fear as sharks were swimming behind us!

Now I love walking down any road and admiring the buildings and the character that each block possesses. I reminisce over the history of people who had lived, walked and worked in these very parts and how drastically time has changed the world.

As Londoners, we are used to big crowds, constant traffic, stuffy tube rides, listening to numerous languages being spoken at the same time and complaining occasionally about the weather.

For our portrait photograph, it was very interesting to wear traditional Saudi clothes in the middle of London and kind of portray the contrast of cultures. But there is also a natural harmony that doesn't really exist anywhere else but in London.

by Mariam Awlia

Kim Cunningham, photographer - www.kimcunningham.co.uk