Equatorial Guinea

Gertrudis Echuaka& Epifanio Muatetema

Photographer: Trevor Appleson

My parents were born in Rebola and Bososo (Bubi tribe). My father was a Government employee during the brutal regime of President Macias Nguema. Later, he was dismissed, then he moved out of the country to Spain (Barcelona) with his family. Later, in 2001, I decided to go to live in London where I had my second boy. I went to college to improve my English. I continued my studies in IT where I passed my BTEC first Diploma for ICT practitioners.

by Gertrudis Echuaka Nchana

I was born in Malabo. My parents were born in Batete in Southern of Bioko sur. Both are Bubi. My father, a Director of Housing Planning in Malabo, was assassinated during Macias's regime in Bata and his body never found. After his death, I moved to live with my aunt to Republic of Benin. Later on, I joined my family in Spain following on my studies to obtain a Diploma in Business Administration. In 2002 I moved to London because of my freedom to work in Europe and to improve my English.

by Epifanio R. Muatetema Ebuera

This photograph of two close friends – Gertrudis and Epifanio – was made in the garden of Epifanio's tiny bedsit in North West London on a sunny Sunday afternoon in early autumn. The initial commission was to photograph Epifanio and it was he who invited Gertrude to be part of the photograph.

by Trevor Appleson, photographer -