Syarif Rasani

Photographer: Bettina von Kameke

I requested to take a photograph of someone from the country of Brunei, because I have visited Brunei many times and have lovely memories of the country and its people.

I found Syarif through the Bruneian Embassy, which made things a bit more complicated due to the official path we were then required to take.

The shoot took place in both Hyde Park and in his house in West London. We chose Hyde Park, because it was one of the places Syarif and his sister particularly like in London.

In most of my photographic sessions I like to really involve the sitter and to challenge the usual structure of active artist versus passive sitter. The actual shoot was very minimal – I took a only handful of photographs of him. I asked Syarif to think of his most precious memories in London as I photographed.

It's exciting being involved in The World in London and seeing one of my photographs connected to such a memorable event as the London 2012 Olympics.

by Bettina von Kameke, photographer -