American Samoa

Malu Sagiao

Photographer: Iain McKell

I arrived in London on a beautiful, sunny and warm day in July. I looked out of the taxi window as it pulled away from Heathrow Airport and I was overwhelmed with a sense of renewal. I felt relieved as the sun provided the warmth to which I was accustomed in my native home of Samoa.

At that moment, I knew this city was going to change me, but I did not know to what degree. What is not to like about this metropolis called London? It is the melting pot of Europe with a cosmopolitan blend of....people, people, and more people.

I have met and connected with a myriad of new colleagues and friends, and I am truly blessed, fascinated, and overwhelmed with the details of their journeys in life. London captures the essence of world cultures—and it is that which brings people together in this city so vibrant and full of life.

I call London home because it is where I am. It offers the world new and old sites, landscape parks, theatres, museums, monuments, palaces, churches, castles, and of course people just to name a few. 

by Malu Sagiao

Iain McKell, photographer -