Eglantina Isaku

Photographer: Chiara Tocci

Moving to London was a big step for my family. I had always dreamed of living in a big city, and London is so alive, with new things happening all the time.

I first moved to London in May 2002. My dad, sister and little brother had already moved here three years before. I remember them taking me for walk around central London and I was so shocked, I could not believe I was here. The city was so big and full of history. Everything looked like it does in the movies and I loved it.

I work as an interior designer but weekends are my favourite time. Everyone is off work and more relaxed with time to go out for coffee, walking, running, cycling, visiting museums, exhibitions, live shows, theatres, comedy, shopping, visiting different markets in different parts of the city and having a good night out.

Being a Londoner means being part of a big multicultural city where everyone is welcome and everything is possible. You get to experience cultures and meet people from all over the world.

by Eglantina Isaku

Chiara Tocci, photographer -